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WestEnd Advisors is an independent institutional asset management firm. Our active, high-conviction strategies are rooted in intensive macroeconomic research and deep wisdom about the forces that drive domestic and global market sectors.

A disciplined focus on the macroeconomic drivers of performance

Rarely does the same sector remain in favor year after year.

Through a disciplined analysis of 200+ global and domestic indicators, we form a macroeconomic outlook on which sectors, regions, and securities are most likely to outperform. Ultimately, we make allocation decisions based on the data, regardless of short-term market sentiment. This is where wisdom grounded in data makes a difference.

Data drives high conviction

Successfully navigating market trends, risks and cycles takes wisdom and discipline. Our process employs exhaustive research and analysis to screen out noise, avoid biases, and focus on the most important information. Our approach is differentiated by methodical analysis to discern what data matters most and when – knowledge which supports high-conviction decisions.

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Active strategies based on macroeconomic analysis and conviction

Global Strategy

Global Equity

Employs active allocation across global equity markets in pursuit of long-term capital appreciation.

Global Strategy

Global Balanced

Blends global equity growth potential with U.S. fixed income for stability.

Global Strategy

Global Conservative

Emphasizes capital preservation through an active fixed-income allocation with growth potential from global equities.


U.S. Sector

Employs high-conviction sector allocation and avoidance driven by macroeconomic analysis.


Large-Cap Core Equity

Combines high-conviction sector allocation and avoidance with active stock selection.

Commentary | Q3 2020

2020 election preview: focus on the sector impacts

Election uncertainty is high, with polls in question after 2016 and prediction markets recently near even odds, but we believe lack of a strong consensus reduces the risk of a market-dislocating surprise. Thus, we are focused on potential sector impacts of various election scenarios.

Our unique market and macroeconomic insights


Highlights | Q3 2020

Key trends impacting our investment decisions

Macroeconomic Highlights

Research | Q3 2018

Introducing the communication services sector

At the end of September 2018, Standard & Poor’s and MSCI reorganized their Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) to create a new “Communication Services Sector.”

What the data reveals about emerging trends and the macroeconomic outlook


Our team

Our greatest resource is our people and the focused wisdom and deep experience they bring to their work. Since 2004, we have grown to 23 employees. WestEnd Advisors is owned by seven partners, each of whom is active in the company today.

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