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Q2 2022

Looking past market noise

Periods of elevated market volatility are normal within an economic cycle, and often represent a market divergence from fundamentals. In such periods, when others may see risk, we see opportunity as markets realign with the economic backdrop.

Q1 2022

Risks rise, but expansion on track

The economic transition from rapid recovery to healthy expansion remains on track, in our view, despite market volatility and an uptick in certain risks. We have continued to adjust portfolios for the evolving cycle.

Q4 2021

Expansion Ahead

We see continued economic expansion supporting positive equity returns in 2022, particularly for select areas of the market with a mix of cyclical and secular tailwinds.


2021 year-in-review

While successive waves of COVID-19 and various economic and political disruptions presented headwinds in 2021, we saw economies continue the transition from rapid recovery to ongoing expansion and equity markets power through near-term risks and volatility.

Q4 2021

Letter to Clients – WestEnd Advisors and Victory Capital Announcement

Q4 2021

Press Release – WestEnd Advisors and Victory Capital Management

Q3 2021

Healthy deceleration

Economies are moving from unprecedented recovery to steady expansion. We expect healthy market returns, but elevated volatility during the economic transition.

Q2 2021

Speed bumps, not road blocks, as recovery downshifts to expansion

We expect the economic cycle to evolve quickly from the unprecedented recovery to an expansionary phase, which should present opportunity in select areas of the market as economic growth normalizes.

Q2 2021

Interim update: inflation outlook

Recent U.S. inflation data, distorted by the compressed pace of the COVD-19 recession and recovery, may seem to affirm widespread inflation fears. However, we expect inflation is likely to moderate as the economy shifts from recovery to expansion.

Q1 2021

Strong economy, nuanced markets

We have a very positive economic outlook for 2021, but we believe allocation decisions are key to balancing market opportunity with nuanced risks this year.

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