U.S. Sector ETF Strategy

US-Sector list

A long-only, sector-focused approach

We believe that investments in sectors that are well-positioned based on the economic cycle will outperform the broad market. The U.S. Sector Strategy uses a long-only, low-turnover approach that invests in approximately four to five diversified sector ETFs from leading U.S. providers.

Research-backed investments

We start with an in-depth analysis of the macroeconomic environment, looking for areas of strength and weakness in the U.S. equity market and economy. We then allocate client portfolios to sectors of the S&P 500 that are primed for growth, while avoiding those that may struggle. We select sector-focused ETFs that reflect those areas of strength.

Other Strategies

Global Equity
ETF Strategy

Thumb_Global Equity

Investing in ETFs representing domestic and international markets positioned for economic strength.

Global Balanced
ETF Strategy

Thumb_Global Balanced

Holding a selection of equity and fixed-income ETFs to combine opportunity with protection.

Global Conservative
ETF Strategy

Thumb_Global Conservative

Emphasizing fixed-income ETFs for capital preservation with growth potential from active equity allocation.

Large-Cap Core Equity Strategy

Thumb_Large Cap Core Equity

Selecting approximately 20 stocks which we believe are poised to benefit from economic trends.