About WestEnd Advisors

At WestEnd, we believe that economic trends are the winds that drive the direction of markets. But the key to investment success is recognizing the strength and direction of those gusts. Our ability to analyze economic indicators, and to know which merit attention has benefited our clients for two decades.

We first employed this top-down, macroeconomic-based investment approach in 1996 in our Large-Cap Core Equity strategy, and we now apply it across all of our investment offerings. As of December 31, 2019, WestEnd Advisors’ total firm assets under management and advisement were $6.2 billion.*

We work in partnership with our clients. We are committed to transparency, compliance and sharing what we know and learn with investors. Because we are an employee-owned firm, we have the independence to make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients.

* Total firm assets under management and advisement include $5.4 billion of assets in Unified Managed Account (UMA) programs for which WestEnd provides model portfolios but has no discretion to effect trades and no supervisory responsibility over the assets in the program. This number has been derived from the most recent information provided by each of the participating UMA programs and may not be current as of the date stated above. This information is included as supplemental information only.


Firm History

WestEnd Advisors was established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2004. We have since grown to twenty-three employees, including a six-person investment team. WestEnd Advisors is owned by seven Partners, each of whom is active in the company today.

Our Large-Cap Core Equity strategy began prior to the founding of the firm, in 1996. Recognizing that our macroeconomic-based, top-down investment approach worked well with ETFs, we have since expanded our product offerings. We now manage the Global Equity ETF strategy, the Global Balanced ETF strategy, the Global Conservative ETF strategy, and the U.S. Sector ETF strategy.