A Long History of Data

At WestEnd Advisors, data drives all of our investment strategies. We analyze hundreds of sources of macroeconomic information and use what we discover to inform our decisions. We first applied this proprietary, top-down investment process to our Large-Cap Core Equity strategy in 1996.

We now employ the same investment process with our four ETF strategies: Global Equity, Global Balanced, Global Conservative, and U.S. Sector. The first two began in 2005, U.S. Sector launched in 2013, and Global Conservative began in 2015. We use low-cost, long-standing ETFs from leading U.S. providers.

Our Strategies

Global Equity
ETF Strategy

Thumb_Global Equity

Investing in ETFs representing domestic and international markets positioned for economic strength.

Global Balanced
ETF Strategy

Thumb_Global Balanced

Holding a selection of equity and fixed income ETFs to combine opportunity with protection.

Global Conservative
ETF Strategy

Thumb_Global Conservative

Emphasizing fixed-income ETFs for capital preservation with growth potential from an equity allocation.

U.S. Sector
ETF Strategy

Thumb_U.S Sector

Owning sector ETFs with economic tailwinds and avoiding those facing headwinds.

Large-Cap Core Equity

Thumb_Large Cap Core Equity

Selecting approximately 20 stocks
which we believe are poised
to benefit from economic trends.