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Quarterly Commentaries

A Tale of Two Economies: Consumer vs. Producer – Q3 2019 Commentary

U.S. economic growth is likely to remain positive, but below trend, in the near-to-intermediate term, as consumer strength is partly offset by weakness in manufacturing industries. We anticipate continued market volatility in the face of a maturing U.S. economic cycle, economic weakness abroad, and geopolitical uncertainty.

Easing Off the Gas, Not Slamming the Brakes – Q2 2019

Our outlook for the U.S. remains positive. However, slowing growth, progress already made this economic cycle, and a partially-inverted yield curve demand close attention. As this expansion continues to mature, we believe a mix of economically-sensitive and defensive exposures is appropriate for the environment ahead.

Late in the Game, But Not Down to the Buzzer – Q1 2019

Strong equity returns in Q1 were largely a continuation of 2018’s volatility, but moderate economic growth should also continue. We see sector selectivity as increasingly important given this late-cycle backdrop.
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