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Quarterly Commentaries

Sound and Fury Versus Sound Fundamentals – Q4 2018

A range of concerns shook investor confidence and markets in 2018, yet broad economic trends point to continued moderate growth. Our market outlook remains positive, given the disparity between global economic fundamentals and sharply reduced equity valuations.

2018 Year-In-Review – Markets Shaken, Economy Not Stirred

Global capital markets saw a resurgence of volatility in 2018, as rising interest rates and geopolitical risks shook investor confidence. However, broad economic trends remained fairly stable, and the relative returns of various market segments in 2018 largely lined up with our macro outlook.

Select Opportunities at Home and Abroad – Q3 2018

We see ongoing investment opportunities in the U.S., tied to its economic leadership. We also see new opportunities in Asia, where equity underperformance has shifted the region’s risk and return outlook. While markets always face uncertainties, economic and market fundamentals appear stable.

Mostly Sunny at Home, Partly Cloudy Abroad – Q2 2018

Prospects for a temporary reacceleration of economic growth in the U.S., and for continued trade tensions globally, do not change our fundamental view that the U.S. is on a favorable path of moderate economic growth while challenges remain abroad.

Market Calm Ends, Economic Expansion Extends – Q1 2018

While equity markets saw a return of volatility in the first quarter, our fundamental economic and corporate earnings outlook has not shifted materially. We expect continued moderate economic growth globally, with rising inflation and interest rates in the U.S. and continued structural challenges abroad.
The information contained within each report was current at the time the report was created and may change over time.